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2011年10月13日 (木)

familiar can to shock

The bean milk has to cook to drink don't familiar can to shock
Recently, there is consumer when the wayside breakfast stand point has breakfast,hong kong guide because of drink don't familiar bean milk but have a big slice of red spot rash, cold sweat, headache, stuffy chest and absentminded state of mind, stand unsteady etc. symptom, the doctor judges its symptom to belong to allergic sex shock.

Can a cup bean milk cause shock?Landscape productThe doctor hints that living there is a kind of soap toxin in the bean milk, will make the person produce disgusted, stuffy chest, skin rash, stomachache etc. symptom, heavy shock, even endanger life.Living bean milk to still imply a kind of the ability that the anti- Yi egg white Mao lower stomach liquid peptone in addition.So, led lighting manufacturersthe bean milk must completely cook to open behind again drink.

Expert reminds that willing appear a foam, and go up a foam along with the temperature while being bean milk to heat to 80 Celsius degrees is more and more, someone's mistaken for bean milking has been already cooked to open.In fact, this is the foam that the bean milk produces after being subjected to the heat, the bean milk isn't real to boil.Don't midway add to living bean milk while cooking bean milk moreover,Cable Manufacturer bought the bean milk of time from the street, after hading better boil again edible

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