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2011年7月18日 (月)

LED industry

LED industry: the boom of the subject from excess capacity growth
LED industry is divided into upper, middle and downstream,led grow lights  upstream is epitaxial film growth, the middle reaches are chip production and downstream refers to the packaging industry. Wherein the upper epitaxial film production of the highest technical content, investment is large, followed by the middle chip, downstream packaging industry low-end entry is easy, but in fact, the current package for high brightness chip heat dissipation, light has put forward higher requirements, technical requirements and is becoming more and more important. The industry appears in the middle and upper reaches of the enterprise relatively few in number, and the downstream enterprises Pyramid morphology.
See from the world 's leading manufacturers of LED is a taylor made suits Japanese Nichia chemical ( Nichia) and Toyota synthesis (ToyodaGosei ), American Cree and European PhilipsLumileds and OSRAM ( Osram) the five major manufacturers. They do not have one exception in the upstream has a strong technical strength and production capacity, from income, LED Lights Supplier Japan is the world's largest LED producer, accounting for about half of the market share, the main manufacturers of Nichia Corporation and Toyota synthesis company. One day Asia company is the world's largest producer of LED, expertise in the production of fluorescent powder and various colors of the LED, with annual sales income of more than $1000000000, INGANLED is global leader in the production of high-brightness white LED and LED power known. Toyota synthesis from 1986 LED research and development, in 1991 successfully developed the world's first GaN-based blue LED, to remove the last obstacle to realize white light LED. Now mainly used in the production of mobile phone LED products, high brightness LED annual sales income of more than $274000000.
Taiwan in the global market share ranked second, with its LED technology content and Japan, Europe and the United States the main business than there is a certain distance. Industry of Taiwan area LED is typical of the downstream entry modes, namely through more than 20 years downstream package in the field of accumulated experience, and gradually extended to the upper / middle of the epitaxial wafer / chip field. The current upstream had many more strength of the epitaxial film manufacturers, the largest of which is the wafer ( Epistar) (06 years to integrate the two other small plant element arsenic and even the courage and strength ), 07 years of sales revenue of NT $10200000000, 2500000000 yuan.Office Furniture Desk
Europe and the United States is also a tradition of the LED region, the major manufacturers are CREE and PhilipsLumileds. The Cree is emerging lighting enterprises, but with its advanced technology to become the LED lighting industry pioneer. In 2008 March, Cree completion of senior manufacturers LEDLightingFixtureInc company acquisition, its rich products and advanced technology has been further strengthened. In fiscal year 2008, CREE sales revenue reached $500000000. Philips PhilipsLumiledsLighting is currently a wholly owned subsidiary, is headquartered in San Jose California, is the world's leading high power LED manufacturers, but also for daily uses, including automotive lighting, camera flash, LCD display, portable lighting, projection and general lighting and other fields, the development of solid state lighting solutions for the pioneers.Tin Box
Area of our country mainland LED starts later, also from the downstream packaging start, gradually into the upstream of the epitaxial film production. Especially in the 2000 begin to increase to four yuan high brightness chip and GaN chip investment. As the Xiamen three, Dalian Lu Mei and a number of other high brightness chip production enterprises the release of production capacity, domestic high brightness chip yield appears a growth spurt. In the wake of the 2003 - 2005 crop growth rate of over 100% in a period of rapid growth after 2006 high brightness chip output continued to maintain 100% growth rate, growth rate reached 101.4%, chip output growth rate has reached 45%. At present, Xiamen three, Beijing shares the same side of the core, Shenzhen century crystal source and Jiangxi crystal can photoelectric in production or investment expansion.

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